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Our attentive and customer-oriented team has earned its sterling reputation through years of successful transactions ensuring the total and complete satisfaction of our customers.


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Over the past thirteen years, we have assisted many collectors with building spectacular numismatic collections, including myriad PCGS “Registry Sets”. Our customer list consists of a number of “Hall of Fame” winning registry set collectors, as well as hundreds of other avid collectors of both classic and modern coins. While we can assist you with all of your classic coin needs (including auction representation and assisting you with the sale of your classic coin collections), our specialty is in dealing with “modern coins” (1932-date). Mitchell Spivack has been on PCGS’ “Advisory Board” and “Board of Experts” for many years and is a contributing writer to PCGS’ “Coinfacts”. Looking for a scarce "pop 1/0" or "pop 2/0" PCGS Lincoln (wheat) Cent, Jefferson Nickel, silver Roosevelt Dime, silver Washington quarter, Franklin Half Dollar or even Mint State Ike or Sacagawea Dollar? Odds are that on any given day, we have examples in stock and available for sale.


We also place a heavy emphasis on modern coins made of precious or valuable industrial metals. Our inventory of U.S. silver, gold and platinum eagles as well as Gold Spouse, Ultra High Reliefs and $5 and $10 Gold Commems is extensive. We generally have near-complete Platinum Statue of Liberty sets in PCGS-PR70DCAM, as well as near complete $10 Gold Spouse sets in Mint State and Proof condition. We also carry many 1986-date Gold Eagles, 1997-date Platinum Eagles as well as other interesting items spanning a variety of coin series. Looking for the "tougher" modern Eagles, such as the 2006-W 20th Anniversary "Reverse Proof" Gold Eagles grading PCGS-PR70, the 2009 $20 Ultra High Reliefs in PCGS-MS70 (with or without the PL designation) or even a 1995-W Silver Eagle in PCGS-PR69DCAM or PCGS-PR70DCAM? We generally have high-quality examples in stock. Even the elusive 2006-W through 2008-W “Burnished” platinum coins in "top pop" grade we almost always have available for sale. We also carry nearly every 2007-date Gold Spouse coin in the 69 and 70 grades and most we have in both “First Strike” and non-First Strike holders. Please send me an email letting me know exactly what you are looking for as I generally have many of the "scarcer" modern coins on hand and I would be happy to quote you a price on what you are looking for.


Mitchell Spivack is also a PCGS Authorized Dealer with some of the strongest references in the coin industry as well as an active member of the” Certified Coin Exchange”. PCGS has named Mitchell Spivack a "World Class Modern Expert" on their website and the only person listed on PCGS.com as an Outside Advisor to PCGS in the area of Modern coins. We welcome your call or email..


Any products listed on this site can be purchased through contacting us (see "Contact Us" section) so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to let us know.


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